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Published on February 12th, 2018 | by Kiana Williams


All hail “The Crown”

Netflix has again outshined competitors with their stunning period piece, “The Crown.” It covers the early years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign and the conflict that surrounds her on all sides. Now is a good time to catch up, as the second season of “The Crown” was released on Nov. 17, 2017.


The show has a unique, somber tone that the starring actress, Claire Foy, portrays flawlessly in her role as Queen Elizabeth. Her rigid mannerisms and ability to show emotion with the subtlest expression suits her role completely. In the first season, Foy excelled at showing Queen Elizabeth’s transition from shy wallflower to queen when she was unexpectedly thrust into the monarchy by her father, King George VI, unexpectedly passing away. In the second season, Queen Elizabeth is more confident in her role, but she faces a slew of new, urgent challenges.


Overall, “The Crown” has one of the most beautiful intro animations I have ever seen, an impressive soundtrack and outstanding costuming. It feels like an inside look into the very private life of royalty, though its focus is not on the opulence of monarchy. It focuses on the pressure Queen Elizabeth faces from her family, her government and the world. She is forced to be a certain person and make decisions for the sake of the crown, which weighs heavily on her. Her position strains her relationships and forces her to be a different person to succeed.


The beginning of the second season features the tension between Queen Elizabeth and her family, especially her husband, Prince Philip, played by Matt Smith. I’m not a huge Matt Smith fan, and his character frustrated me, with his whining and lack of understanding. Prince Philip struggles with feeling inferior to his wife and she struggles in letting her guard down and expressing affection. All this, and they’re both troubled by the constant trouble stirring up around Queen Elizabeth’s sister, Princess Margaret, played excellently by Vanessa Kirby.


To conclude, if you’re a fan of period dramas, Netflix’s “The Crown” will impress you. The care for detail and clever writing shines through in every moment. “The Crown” proves itself to deserve a 5/5 rating in every episode.

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