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Published on November 15th, 2017 | by Isabella Hardy


Dia De Los Muertos art exhibit

On Thursday, Oct. 26, the artistic peers of Samo came together at the Roberts Art Gallery to see the opening of the “El Día de los Muertos” art show. After the opening with traditional Mexican music, students and parents were able to spread out and observe Samo’s presentation of this Mexican holiday.

El Día de los Muertos is a celebration of the dead and their time on this earth. Samo’s ceramic students sculpted colorful skulls, similar to the masks that people wear when celebrating this tradition. Also, Samo’s AP art students created paintings revolving around the question of “What are you thankful for?”. Students have described their pieces and the most impactful part of contributing to this art gallery.

“My favorite part of the art show is getting to see everyone’s art pieces and how they all look really unique. I made a piece that was about being thankful for tower 26 and the beach,” Harper Smith (’19) said.

“I painted one of the ‘I’m thankful for…’ pieces and my favorite part was how so many different artists could participate and contribute one main theme,” Emma Cushing (’19) said.

In addition, the gallery had pictures of members of the Samo family who passed away last year to remember their wonderful lives.There was food and candles surrounding these pictures to follow the traditions of the holiday in the belief that the spirits will protect us if we keep them happy with these gifts.

“I think it is a wonderful opportunity for us to come together as a community.  This show is about visual art, history and mortality,” AP art teacher Amy Bouse said. “As a culture, I do not think that we learn how to deal with the loss of loved ones, which is an inevitable part of the human experience. Our ‘Day of the Dead’ show offers an approach to celebrating life and the lives of those who are no longer with us.”

Overall, the gallery was a success and had a theme more personal to the artists compared to previous years. This year’s gallery gives us a positive idea of what next year’s will be like.

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