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Published on March 24th, 2017 | by Dylan Ollivier


Get Out Review

Get Out is weird, funny, terrifying and captivating. Not only is the acting phenomenal, but the writing is exceptional; every detail is controlled by the writer and the actors who carefully plan their performance to match the twist. The surrealism weaves into realism to transport the audience to an eerie world. The film is the creation of a master mind: Jordan Peele. It is wildly entertaining and intelligent.

The movie tells the story of Chris, a respected black photographer in an interracial relationship. He, along with his girlfriend decides they have reached the “meet-the-parent stage” so they drive up to his girlfriend’s parents’ house to visit them. Terrifying events follow.

The twist at the second half of the movie is fabulously conceived. The filmmaker takes the audience’s brain and messes with it for the remainder of the movie, an intense sequence that has the audience holding their breath, applauding, and sighing with relief. But the movie does not end after its hour and 43 minutes of running time. For the rest of the day and even the entirety of the next one, I had epiphanies after epiphanies where I realized how the filmmaker built up to his twist.

The actors in the movies delivered a great performance; particularly, Daniel Kaluuya’s (who played Chris in the movie) performance was phenomenal. Also, Lil Rel Howery, who plays Chris’ best friend, a goofy TSA agent, was hilarious, providing some comedic relief.

The movie is also filled with social commentary. It discusses racism in our modern world and criticizes the people who believe we live in a post racial world. The movie is especially innovative as it is the first racially-charged horror film. It is the first movie to tap into the relationship between horror and racism and was made by an African-American director. Its innovativeness has reaped the benefits; it only costed $4.50 million and has earned $137.60 million of gross revenue.  
Overall, Get Out is a great movie filled with action, humour, drama and social commentary. Hopefully, it will live on to be a classic. I could not recommend this movie enough!

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