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Published on May 5th, 2017 | by Max Morin


Ghost in the Shell Review

Director Rupert Sanders’ adaptation of “Ghost In The Shell” was surprisingly one of the most entertaining sci-fi films of 2017, so far, and is primarily neglected due to its geeky origin. The movie, domestically, was a huge flop, meaning that no one went to go see it and the studio actually lost money in its production. However, this was predicted due to the fact that it is one of the boldest risks taken by a movie studio in recent history. The movie, based off an anime with the same name, caused widespread controversy due to its primarily white cast in a largely Asian setting, which in 2017 is a big no-no.

The movie does a fantastic job in the directing department, achieving that twisted future tone which Sanders was going for. He really manages to capture a gritty, rough depiction of Tokyo, that gives an pleasant uneasiness to the entire film. This is also displayed through the performances and lack of emotion each actor displays, only enforcing the overall tone of the film. For example, actress Scarlett Johansson does a phenomenal job not showing any emotion at all, making her role as a robot completely believable. Most of the acting could be considered wooden; however, this stiff rigidness that is shown could be done on purpose, which usually happens when most of the characters in the film are robots.

However, despite the good directing and convincing visual effects, the writing was a little clunky. The story kept on getting off track, taking away the dramatic effect from every part that applied it. In terms of following the source material, the film did an abysmal job changing everything about the original picture. In all honesty, the story was never a real gem to begin with, so the complete rewriting of the movie seemed entirely justified.
The film was very entertaining to see and every person that will have a good experience. But this doesn’t shadow the fact that it has multiple story flaws. All in all, the film is highly recommended, but I rate it three stars.


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