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Published on March 25th, 2017 | by Yasmin Patel


Samo’s Student Bands: The Paveman

Samo is known for exceptional music programs, ranging from choir, orchestra, band or even musical theater. There are endless opportunities for musically-driven students on campus; however, some students take a more individual approach when it comes to performing arts.

Students Logan Charles (’18) and Harlan Goldman-Belsma (’17) formed their own band approximately four months ago. According to Charles, their band, “The Pavemen,” allows them the freedom to create music and expression to the (literal) beat of their own drum.

As stated by Charles and Goldman-Belsma, the beginnings of their band originate from a realization among friends that each of them had an operatic talent which could be put to use.

“I’ve been playing guitar for a while,” Goldman-Belsma said.

“I started playing guitar, and then learned bass, and we figured we’d have to make a band,” Charles said. “Our friend who doesn’t go to Samo was beginning to pick up the drums again, so it was the perfect time to start something.”   

“The Pavemen” is comprised of three members: Goldman-Belsma on guitar and vocals, Charles on bass guitar, and their drummer, Declan Solomen, who attends Palisades Charter High School.

According to the band, Goldman-Belsma’s music preference, combined with their shared musical knowledge, results in a unique genre that encompasses a few different styles of rock and grunge.

“I’m into a really bluesy sound. I also like a lot of rock and sixties garage music,” Goldman-Belsma said.

“And both of us like funk, so we play a combination of different music,” Charles said.

The band meets one to two times a week to practice and compose original set lists and songs.

“We enjoy just jamming for a couple of hours a week,” Goldman-Belsma said. “It’s a great way to come up with authentic sounds and enjoy the music.”

According to Charles and Goldman-Belsma, the band tends to steer clear of performing covers; the mainstream structure and unoriginal form of already-written songs does not appeal to the young performers. The only exception to this claim is when the group is futzing around with new noise.

“All of our music is original, if we are going to play a cover it’s usually just to mess around or experiment with sounds,” Charles said.

In terms of gigs, “The Pavemen” has booked some local audience-packed shows within the last three months.

“We’ve played in a few shows before. One of them was at the Cosmic Demise show at the Pico Youth and Family Center, and the other two were house shows,” Charles said.

The band often performs at parties hosted in their drummer’s backyard. Their most recent show was on March 11, and they are hopeful for more performances soon.

“The Pavemen” are excited for the bright future that lies ahead of them.  

“There is definitely more on the horizon,” Charles said.

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