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Published on November 14th, 2017 | by Monty McAlpine


Super Slimey by Future and Young Thug review

On Oct. 24, Young Thug and Future dropped “SUPER SLIMEY,” an addition to the slime season collection with the help of all star rapper Future. It has been a while since Young Thug released an official project, but he has come back with a bang with this new album featuring a long awaited Young Thug and Future collaboration. This production delivered the level of raps and instrumentals one would expect from the likes of Future and Young Thug, and has a triumphant and exciting sound throughout its entirety. Young Thug and Future really expanded on the uses of their voices and worked together very eloquently. This project has no features and shows the raw talent and creativity Young Thug and Future have to offer (besides Offset).

Despite their recent collaboration, Young Thug and Future have not always been on the best of terms. Some would say it went from beef to “SUPER SLIMEY”. The beef started in 2015 due to an altercation on Twitter when Producer Metro Boomin tweeted out praise of Future’s work ethic, which rubbed Young Thug the wrong way. Young Thug replied by calling himself Michael Jackson and Future Tito Jackson in attempt to insult Future by implying he was more successful. Their relationship would change in 2016 after collaborating on DJ Esco’s “Who”. This would lead to an apology post from Young Thug on insta apologizing “for the stuff on the internet”. Throughout 2017 they would film themselves with snippets which we would now figure out to be “SUPER SLIMEY.” This beef would turn into teamwork making for an excellent album to add to both of their careers

While the tracks on the album offer new material, they still pursue the same types of music you would have on any of their other projects. This is not necessarily bad, but some would say they want more variety. Despite lack of variation the album did capitalize on their unique and strong voices. They showed this particular talent in the tracks of “All da Smoke” and “200”. These two tracks feature a more melodic voice from both Future and Young Thug, while at the same time keeping up with the victorious tone that is placed in the sounds of the album. These two artists have a great combination of voices, as Young Thug’s high pitched and lengthy tone complements Future’s baritone and powerful voice.

One of the biggest highlights from the album is “Patek Water (feat. Offset)”. This is a song that sounds like an amazing cypher featuring Future, Young Thug & Offset. It has a flow which features fast rhymes and captivating pace, along with Offset’s crazy verse which fit perfectly with the instrumental that shows how fast Offset can truly rap.

An interesting feature of the album is it  two solo tracks from both Young Thug and Future. Young Thug’s solo tracks featured “Cruise Ship” and “Killed Before”, both high quality songs. “Cruise Ship” is smooth, chiming and well put together. “Killed Before” comes in with a melodic guitar riff, and  showcases Young Thug’s talented voice as he uses more signs than rap on this track. Despite only having Young Thug on these two tracks I personally see them as the best on the track. Future two solo tracks are “Feed Me Dope” and “4 da Gang”. “Feed My Dope” is a drug and hustle themed song. “Feed Me Dope” production is very interesting, and the eerie sound in the back, strong bass and fast high hats make for an intense song. “4 Da Gang” seemed to explain the lavish lifestyle he lives with his friends. This isn’t the most captivating song on the album, but does have more clever lyrics than most of the tracks on the album.  Young Thug and Future definitely delivered an album to tie over both their fanbases but many are hoping that this is an warm up project for both their next major albums.

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