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Published on December 15th, 2017 | by Chloe Forssell


Wonder: from beloved novel to major motion picture

On Nov. 17, “Wonder”, the long awaited movie adaptation of the heartwarming novel by R.J. Palacio, arrived in theaters. The film starred an up-and-coming young actor named Jacob Tremblay, as the adorable and insecure fifth grader named Auggie Pullman who had been battling his entire life with insecurities about his genetic facial differences. Aligning with Palacio’s beautifully written story, the audience follows Auggie as he leaves his life of homeschooling and has to face the challenges of entering mainstream elementary school for the first time.

“Wonder” had big shoes to fill after the major success of the novel, and it definitely lived up to its hype. The film captivated all audiences with the sweet innocence and adorable humor that was sprinkled throughout the story. The movie was able to transport viewers back to their childhoods as they related to Auggie and his battle with body insecurity. The story was pulled right from the pages of the novel, and it retained the magical purity that one felt when reading the story. The stellar acting and powerful plot touched the hearts of all who watched it, and left many audience members with a heart warming tear in their eye.

Additionally, the controversial aspect of the film was handled eloquently and with effortless grace. Many were worried that the cruelty Auggie faces due to his facial deformities would be presented in a comical light, and that the film would encourage young viewers to harass those around them due to physical differences. This was not the case whatsoever. “Wonder” did a remarkable job in presenting the issues at hand in a way that informed the audiences of the discrimination in today’s society without turning it into a joke. Audiences of all ages left the theater knowing a little more than they did before walking in.

All in all, “Wonder” was an amazing film with an incredibly inspiring message. If you are looking for a warm hearted story that will take you back to your childhood, check out this film in theaters near you.

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