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Published on October 28th, 2010 | by Staff 12-13


“Write About Love”

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Eloise Graham
Staff Writer

If I were young and hip and having a party in my high rise apartment in New York City, Belle and Sebastian’s new album “Write About Love” would be the first thing to come to mind for excellent background music. I’d also crank up the volume the next morning in my Prius for a perfect road trip theme song.

Released October 12, 2010 the record has a soft, bubbly vibe that is easy to listen to. With some catchy tracks but nothing sticking out as particularly amazing the album is not shockingly impressive. The Scottish band’s new record has a sound similar to their older albums, such as “If You’re Feeling Sinister” and their debut album, “Tigermilk.”

Their 60’s power pop sound is not yet outdated and the music has a carefree spirit. Tracks are accompanied by simple guitar or piano, the idiosyncratic vocals spice up the music. A few songs are dually backed by horns and percussion. Much if not all of Belle and Sebastian’s music is very happy. Even their slow and sad songs have hints of optimism for example, take “Calculating Bimbo” the song is slow and dreary but the character’s name is Bimbo.

The album starts with a brilliant, optimistic song, “I Didn’t See It Coming” and ends with yet another great track, “Sunday’s Pretty Icons.” The song is interesting because of the overlapping of voices and slightly techno background. “I Want the World to Stop” is also a fun, upbeat track. It is the best of the album. The song’s main vocalist is Belle and Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch. Accompanied by tambourine, drums, bass and keyboard, “I Want the World to Stop” is memorable and has an admirable message, that materialism is not the key to life.

Belle and Sebastian have produced yet another authentic album. Similar to other albums, the music is upbeat but optimistic making it suit a road trip as compared to a disco.


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