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Football beats Beverly, 41-0

Published on November 5th, 2014 | by Jaredan Levin

On a cool and rainy Halloween night, Samo football swept the Beverly Hills High Normans 41-0. Samo’s season record is currently standing at 5-4 and the team’s league record is 3-... Read More


Samo prepares to snap the ball in the game against Valencia High School on Friday, Sept. 27.

Samo suffers 35-0 loss to Valencia High School

Published on October 3rd, 2014 | by Jaredan Levin

After scoring two touchdowns within the first four minutes of the game, Valencia High School defeated Samo 35-0 on Friday, Sept. 27. Samo’s record now stands at 1-3. Valencia, which is ranked 239th in the nation, ... Read More


Samo football players dressed in white quietly protest outside the M-House office on Thurs. Sept. 11. Varsity wide receiver Dymund Richardson ('15) speaks with O-House Interim Principal Greg Runyon, M-House Principal and Athletics Administrator Elias Miles, football coach and math teacher Pat Dunn.

Samo football players protest against CIF ruling

Published on September 18th, 2014 | by Jack Sadler

As varsity football players took the field against Palisades High School Friday night, wide receiver Dymund Richardson (’15) and his twin brother, quarterback De’Jon Richardson (’15), remained on the sideline. On March 21, California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) ... Read More


Samo beats Inglewood

Samo football beats Inglewood, 21-0

Published on November 6th, 2013 | by Sam Rietta

On Nov. 1, Samo defeated Inglewood 21-0 in an emotional victory to finish out the team’s last home game. It was Samo’s last home game before the playoffs and for most of the seniors, their last ... Read More


Player to watch: William Taylor

Player to Watch: Will Taylor

Published on September 17th, 2013 | by Sam Rietta

Through countless suicide sprints, jumping jacks, and weight lifting, cornerback and receiver Will Taylor (’14) is an elite athlete. However, there is one factor even more important than physical training that brings Taylor to the top. ... Read More


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The “Golden Era” is now

Published on November 9th, 2012 | by Staff 12-13

Brooke Weiss Staff Writer Samo football has successfully claimed the title of Ocean League champions two years in a row after the 42-0 victory against Hawthorne High School. With the first playoff game on Fri. Nov. 9, the Vikings had a 7-3 regular season, going 5-0 in the Ocean League. From day one, it was Clark’s goal to obtain the prestigious title. “Here we come. We want to be champions, but more importantly, we want to put up a strong season in order get there,” Clark said at the beginning of the season. It’s a tradition for Clark to name each football season based on goals for that season or themes that he otherwise finds prevalent. The 2012 season has been named “The Golden Era,” according to Clark. He wanted a breakthrough within the team, focusing this season on Samo’s transition into a serious and consistently victorious program. Building on momentum from the postseason success of last year, this season, Samo was forced to thrive or die in the attention it rightfully earned. Last year, the Vikings played in the semifinals before losing to Culver City. To maintain this attention, Clark scheduled two teams that he never had before; Mater Dei and Hart High School. Mater Dei is a two time national champion and nine time California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) champion team and Hart is ranked 44th in the Southern Section rankings. Although the Vikings derived two of their three losses from these teams, playing them prepared Samo for their postseason where they will play teams of a higher caliber than those in the Ocean League. “The 2012 season represents the 1927 team at Samo who won the CIF title and [they] wore gold jerseys,” Clark said. “I wanted to reflect back on the team this year and therefore called it ‘The Golden Era.’” The players of the current season have a sense of pride and honor towards the name. “To me, it means our team is the ‘money’ team or the ‘winning’ team. I am fortunate to have Clark believe so strongly in our team,” captain Sebastian LaRue said. By reflecting back to the championship team, the Vikings feel special about their season as a whole. “[The Golden Era] shows that we are the best group in a while. Clark envisioned us winning and taking the Ocean League Champions title. This just adds so much more excitement to our season as a whole,” senior receiver Andrew Sanchez said. With this in mind, the Vikings have progressed as a team from their pre-league season to their league season. By having Samo face a season filled with strong teams like Mater Dei, Hart and Valencia High School, the team has been able to better prepare for playoffs. According to Clark, he scheduled Samo to play these teams for many reasons, with one being to get ready for playoffs and be able to stay in it for as long as possible. Placing first in the Ocean League and having a successful postseason is a testament to this transition. “Although the season didn’t start out exactly how we wanted, our team really pulled it together,” senior captain Nicholas Cardiel said. “We have had leaders bring the team together to push as hard as we could throughout, resulting in being the Ocean League Champions. More importantly, we’re ready for playoffs.” As a coach, Clark picks certain younger, underclassmen players every year to be team leaders and shadow over the varsity team to get a head start for years to come. This strategy is what makes the team so successful according to Clark. “I take the players that perform well and deserve it and bring them up to varsity for a varsity experience,” Clark said. “It’s another motivational piece for the kids to play as many games as possible and a way for the [younger] kids to get more experience.” By moving the underclassmen up to varsity, Clark is making an investment in these younger players. From early on they learn what is required of them to play varsity football, and can then work towards success on the team. “Knowing you won’t get this time or these opportunities back makes me want to play my best and leave it all on the field to keep the dream of winning the championship alive. I do it for the seniors,” sophomore corner back and wide receiver Josh De La Rosa, one of the underclassmen leaders, said. This tactic is one of the reasons why the team feels so strong and passionate about football. “It is a huge honor to be able to put on a Samo uniform every Friday night. It is an experience that many people don’t get to have,” De La Rosa said. As the league came to a close, seniors reflect back on their efforts throughout the season. They want to give it their all in most of the players’ final games of football. The sport has transformed into a lifestyle for the team, as they have turned into a family. The Vikings want to push for as long as possible in order to keep their momentum alive. Regardless of when the football journey ends, Clark has obtained his goal of being champions two years in a row. He is thankful for the whole season and how far the team has gotten, despite the tough times during the season. “We couldn’t have done it without the players,” Clark said. “Nick Cardiel is a leader by example and plays with such high intensity. Andres Meza and Steve Becerra are leaders on the line of scrimmage and have been huge for us this season.” Clark emphasizes the importance winning in the playoffs to all of the players. Despite this, he wants to make the postseason the most enjoyable experience for everyone. “When you become a coach, the goal is to win. By winning the title, we have accomplished our long-term goal,” Clark said. The Vikings focus on enjoying the moment of winning for now according to Clark. At the end of the Hawthorne game while Samo knew they would continue playing football, many high school players around the country who did not make playoffs have already played their last games. Clark tries to extend moments of excitement and desire to keep playing for as long as possible. With the 2012 season close to an end, the Vikings are thankful for the good, the bad and the ugly, hoping to give the fans a season to remember. Read More

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