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Best holiday movies to binge watch over winter break

As the winter season commences, nothing will get you in the holiday spirit more than snuggling under a blanket with a warm cup of hot chocolate while watching a nice holiday movie. There are so many holiday movies nowadays how do you choose the best one to watch? Well, you don’t have to! Here’s a list of the best movies to binge as you head into the holiday season.





This film is beloved by the masses and evokes the holiday spirit in all who watch it! Will Ferrell portrays a goofy elf named Buddy Hobbs, who realizes that he is not truly an elf, and heads into the human world in search of his real family. After many mishaps and bumps along the way, Buddy is able to finally find his family and true happiness while spreading the magic of the Christmas spirit. This is a perfect movie to turn on this holiday season to get you in a feel-good mood for all your winter festivities with loved ones!


How the Grinch Stole Christmas 

This classic film is a story based on the beloved children’s book How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss. Following the antagonist, the Grinch, the audience watches as he attempts to hoodwink a group of cheery Christmas-lovers, the Whos, and ruin their holiday. He has a master plan to try to wipe the city of Whoville clean of anything that reminds him of Christmas, and decides he won’t stop until he has made them as miserable as he has been all these years. However, his plans are foiled when an innocent young Who, Cindy Lou Who, sees past his menacing demeanor and is able to see the kindness within him. This film is perfect for a family movie night during the holidays, and will keep you laughing till the end.


Home Alone

This humorous film will leave you roaring with laughter and will certainly put you in the holiday spirit. Eight-year-old Kevin McCallister is accidentally left home alone when his family leaves for a trip to Paris without him, and the audience follows his journey as he tries to survive life independent from his family. He is overjoyed at first, however, he realizes that two con men have a devious plan to break into the McCallister home, leaving Kevin with the important task of protecting the house on his own. If you are looking for a chuckle on a cold winter night, turn on this hilarious movie!


While You Were Sleeping 

This cheesy, lovable romantic-comedy is not a widely known film for the holiday season, however it is a touching, warm story that keeps you engaged time and time again. Starring Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman, the audience follows a young train station collector as she becomes entwined in a lie about her identity. After falling in love with a man she often sees at the train station, she finds herself rescuing him from a dangerous tumble onto the train tracks and taking him to the hospital, where he remains in a coma. Mistaken for his fiance, she is taken in by his family. However, the plot thickens when she finds herself falling in love with his brother instead, and ends up stuck between her twisted lie and being able to follow her heart. This is a perfect film for anyone looking for a laugh and a touching ending full of holiday spirit.


Die Hard 


This thrilling, R-Rated film will certainly give you a fright this holiday season. Starring Bruce Willis as police officer John McClane, the viewers watch as one family’s Christmas turns sour. McClane has plans to visit his estranged wife and two daughters on Christmas Eve, but ends up with a lot more than he bargained for. Their holiday celebration is interrupted by a group of terrorists who take over their restaurant, and take all the patrons hostage with it. In the grim situation, McClane realizes that nobody but himself would be able to save the prisoners from their terrifying fate. If you want to venture outside of the cheery Christmas classics, this film will get your adrenaline running this winter season.


A Charlie Brown Christmas

This classic cartoon depicts Charlie Brown, a young animated boy who believes that nothing ever goes his way, especially at Christmas time in his attempt to direct the Christmas musical to become a part of the holiday spirit. However, he ends up with the Yuletide blues. Charlie believes that his holiday happiness is hopeless, until the true meaning of Christmas finds its way into his heart. If you want to take a time machine back to your childhood and are looking for a smile, turn on this film before the holidays hit.


Prep and Landing 

This animated short film is a less popular choice during the holiday season, however it is go-to if you are looking for a laugh and a warm-hearted, magical ending. The film follows Wayne, a Christmas elf, who is a part of an elite elf organization titled “Prep and Landing”. The team has the responsibility of preparing each of the millions of homes around the world for Santa’s visit. However, Wayne is getting sick of his life as a Prep and Landing elf, and he has lost his Christmas spirit. With the help of his hilarious new partner, Lanny, Wayne is able to relearn the magic of children’s happiness during the holidays, and see how the power of truly believing is greater than you can imagine. If you want a shorter feel-good movie to snuggle under the blanket to, turn on this film.


12 Dates of Christmas 

This cheesy, Netflix romantic-comedy is not a widely known film for the holiday season, however it is a light hearted, warm story that keeps you engaged time and time again. Amy Smart is a young woman who feels as if her luck with men has run out, yet she has reluctantly agreed to go on a blind date on Christmas Eve. After a horrible first date, Amy goes to sleep, wishing that the day could just be over. However, Amy never wakes up on Christmas morning. She must relieve Christmas Eve over and over again until she finally gets it right and is able to find the magic of the holidays in her heart and with her new love. This is a perfect film for anyone looking for a laugh and a touching ending full of holiday spirit.


The Polar Express 

This whimsical film will make those who watch it second guess their beliefs in the true magic of the holidays, and will leave you swiping away a heartfelt tear at the end. Following the journey of a young boy who no longer believes in Santa and his Christmas magic, we watch as he boards the Polar Express on Christmas Eve and is taken to the North Pole, where he learns that the wonder and amazing magic of life never leaves the hearts of those who truly believe. If you are looking for a film that will take into into the childish, heartfelt world of Santa Claus and the holiday magic, this is a perfect film for you.

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