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Book of the month: Warm Bodies

Among all Samo students who visit our school library every day, there is a small group of people that drop by to take a look at some new, interesting books to read. This month, with Halloween coming up, the library and the school’s newspaper have taken advantage of this opportunity by uniting to

With that being said, the first literary selection has to do with the approaching season of Halloween. To best feature a horror theme, the chosen book has a touch of terror. However, unlike many books featured this season, Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion has an added ingredient to make it more appealing to teenagers: romance.

The New York Times best seller Warm Bodies, published in 2010 and later developed into a movie in 2013, is characterized by a teenage romance between a dead boy and a normal girl.

The story is told from the perspective of the narrator, R, who is a zombie going through an existential crisis of who he has become: a creature walking around, decaying and eating human brains while he yearns to be so much more. When R eats, he has the ability to briefly see the memories of his prey. For example, he eats the brain of a guy named Perry and sees his memories of being in love with Julie, his very attractive girlfriend. However, instead of wanting to eat her, R decides to find and save her from the zombie apocalypse, leading to an unusual and adventurous romance.

Fans loved the book so much, Marion wrote two more to create a trilogy that later became a bestseller.

Samo librarian Stefani Tovar thinks the reading perfectly matches the Halloween theme and incorporates the popular genre of romance, one of the most read genres at Samo.

“Students who have read the book recommend it, saying it’s original, romantic, creepy and funny,” Tovar said. “The premise at first seems far fetched, but students like the flow of the story and think it helps make the story more believable.”

The reader should expect a quick and enjoyable reading of 240 pages combining the popular series of “The Walking Dead” and Shakespeare’s classic work, Romeo and Juliet.

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