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Deciding on a major

Among the many stresses high school brings, for Samo seniors especially, what stands out most prominently is the college application process. Amidst a student’s large AP load and extracurriculars, the process can be quite daunting. It requires you to write multiple essays, complete interviews and long forms detailing your high school career.

Within that, colleges often ask you to declare a major or area of study. To many, this may seem intimidating and they would rather go undecided than have to choose. However applying to a certain major can often better your chances of getting into a school, set you up for success at the school, earn you a good job or lead you to scholarships. If you are unsure of what you want to major in but wish to reap the benefits of choosing an area of study, consider choosing a major that is more open-ended. Here’s a list to choose from if you want to decide without truly deciding:


  • Engineering/Math/Computer Science


Being that the tech industry is one of the largest growing industries in the world, it is without a doubt that this area of study would be a good investment. If you are interested in calculus, engineering or coding, this major could be a good fit. It is also one that would reap the best benefits as they are often highly funded and lead to great paying jobs. Similarly, it is an extremely innovative field, standing at the front line of tech and math developments.


  • The Sciences


If you take an interest in research or the medical field consider majoring in one of the science fields. This would be a good choice for anyone interested in biology, chemistry or environmental sciences. As an undergraduate degree, they can help you get into graduate or medical school.


  • Business/Economics


This area of study is one of the most common majors among college students. It’s applicable curriculum and entrepreneurial drive take part in its popularity. Its flexibility in what the area of study entails also takes credit for it’s demand. One can, with this degree, become anywhere from a stockbroker to a CEO.


  • Political Science/History


With this major one can learn valuable information about our government and society in an applicable sense. The most common path for those in this area of study is graduate law, though some choose to become anthropologists or even politicians.


  • English


Majoring in English will allow you to build the skills necessary for critical and analytical thinking while giving you an outlet to freely express your thoughts. Its curriculum is strongly rooted in literature ensuring that knowledge will be gained. With this degree, one can choose from a wide variety of career options such as being a writer, teacher, editor or journalist.


  • The Arts


The Arts are a deeply appreciated area of study, whether it be performing or visual. One can anticipate having an education unlike the usual classroom setting that promotes individualism and talent. Within this area, one can improve their skills while enjoying access to tailored education. With a major in one of the arts, one can become a designer, a composer, an architect or an actor.


  • Undecided


If you are completely unsure of what you want to study, or have too many interests consider declaring undecided. This will ensure that you can sample classes, find your interests and hone in on what you enjoy doing so that you can make the decision later.

Whatever it is that you choose, you will have options. Being an English major doesn’t mean you’ll be tied to becoming a writer, but rather allows you to keep options open. Choosing one of the above majors doesn’t bind you to a choice, it’s instead a vehicle for a future decision and path.

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