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Kelly Cano Clothing Line

Months after the tragic passing of Samo senior Kelly Cano, some of her close friends have decided to carry on her legacy by creating a clothing line inspired by her. Featuring hats, sweatshirts, stickers, T-shirts, bathing suits and more, “Qano” clothing will soon be on sale to the public.

Zach Kravitz (’17), Nick Landi (’17), Lily Moore (’17), Jennifer King (’17) and Ronan Casteleyn (’18) coined the name “Qano” after one of Cano’s nicknames. The first Qano product made was a sweatshirt with the album cover of “Culture” by Migos that had Kelly’s face photoshopped on each rapper. Many designs of “Qano” t-shirts and stickers influenced by Kelly Cano’s other favorite albums: “The Life of Pablo” by Kanye West, and Frank Ocean’s “Blonde.” More apparel is currently being made at factory in Downtown Los Angeles, while Kravitz, Landi, Moore, King and Casteleyn continue to design.

“Making designs that Kelly loved really helps cope with the loss,” Casteleyn said. “That’s one of the main reasons we started this clothing line.”

According to Kravitz, she and her colleagues are working quickly as possible to make the clothing available to the public.

“It’s hard at the moment because we don’t have enough funds to make things happen fast, but in the meantime we are taking pre-orders for all the clothing we are currently making,” she said.

While the designers and creators of Qano Clothing are charging money for the merchandise, they plan on recycling the money to produce more clothing, not pocket it. If all goes well and a profit is made, the group will take all the money and put it towards buying a gift for Kelly Cano’s mother, Sandy Cano. As of today, t-shirts are being sold at $20, sweatshirts at $45, $1 for two stickers and $10-15 for hats.

“We wanted to make the prices reasonable so all our friends and anyone who loved Kelly would be able to purchase our clothing,” Moore said. “When deciding the prices, we judged how much money it would cost us to make the clothing, and then created a fair price off that, allowing us to hopefully make a small profit that would go toward the Cano family.”

They hope to add to the clothing line and continue with new designs in the future.

“We plan on making it long term, because we have many things to come,” Moore said. “I know we can do this for a very long time.”

To purchase any Qano clothing or accessories, you can look for Kravitz, Landi, Moore, King and Casteleyn around the Samo campus, or look on their Instagram account @qanoclothing to see where they are selling their merchandise.

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