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Lance, the Dance, and the Spooky Skeleton Pants – a Halloween tale

‘Twas the eve of Halloween in Santa Monica land; there were laughs, there were screams and beast replaced man. With the Samo halls swallowed by spider webs and enchanted by spells, would you dare step foot on campus—would your spirit be compelled?

As the sun set and the students gathered for the school dance, a boy’s parents dropped him off; this boy, let’s call Lance. He wore a black shirt with bones tracing his body parts and matching skeleton pants. With a bright light and sound in the distance, he walked through the Michigan gate and made an inference: Tonight I will not be shy, I will find my Lucy and dance with her; if I do not, I shall emotionally die.

He entered the History Building party. He was amazed and expected the night to be hardy. In the blink of an eye, the roll of the die, the fall of some guy, the bread type of rye, and the large soda supply, finally, Lance looked over his shoulder…the dance floor was nearby.

“Lucy, wherefore art thou?” he called out. But with the crowd all in costume, when it came to finding her, he had his doubts. He searched by the ghosts, he searched by the mummies, he did his most yet still felt like a dummy.

Finally, he sat on the floor. With his back against the wall, he sat in Halloween sadness galore. But when he looked down at his body, he saw no ordinary sight: his costume had disappeared. Oh how his mom would yell at him with all her might. His fingers were icy cold; there was no longer any trace of flesh remaining on his bones. He screamed from the peculiar mystery and feared that like the building, his soul was now history. Poor little skeleton Lance. He just wanted to see Lucy but it seemed he had been cursed and surely missed his chance.

He ran to the restroom, but accidentally went into the girls’. They shuffled out quickly, one even dropped her pearls. His simple mistake made him feel the night’s chill even stronger, he wondered if he could take the lonesome pain much longer. He was about to leave when he heard a cry from one of the stalls, a girl in tears was something he did not like at all.

He knocked and said “Comith out of there, my dear,” she opened it slightly and through the crack, he saw the student clear. “Lucy!” Lance said. To which she replied, “Lance, don’t even glance, I have a skeleton head.” However, when she realized that Lance’s costume had also turned him into bone, she invited him in to share her lovely seat on the royal throne.

As they gazed at each other’s unfortunate appearances, their skin began to grow back. They then returned to their normal, lively, existences. “We’re human again!” Lance exclaimed. “How awesomely wicked!” said the dame.

The two youngsters spent the rest of their time dancing and laughing and enjoying the happening. And when it came to the end of the night, Lucy gave Lance a big hug, and his heart filled up with great delight.

Well, now, it seems we have come to the end of this story, but do not be fooled, next time it could be a tale with an ending much more gory. So stay safe this Halloween, Samo. If you do not choose to sing a lullaby or stay in bed, do not take a dark path or a stranger’s meds. Say, take my advice instead: try trick-or-treating with a buddy or close friend. Do not say I didn’t warn you if you happen to lose your head, for it is quite unpredictable what madness you will encounter on the haunting night of the dead.

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