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Prom 2017

On Saturday, May 20, eight hundred Samo students crowded into the Beverly Hilton Hotel to celebrate the grandest event of the year: Prom. The build-up for this Prom has been immense and exciting, and the final product was a success.


As students arrived with their friends and dates in limos, old-fashioned cars, Ubers and other stylish rides, they were greeted by their dressed up teachers and advisors. Students quickly looked around to scan their surroundings and immediately judge the attire of others and compare their arrival to that of their peers.


As they entered, students were able to make a choice. They could either to go into the dining hall to enjoy some food or to continue towards the ballroom with the booming speakers and dance floor filled with people of all sorts, including sweaty boys trying to show off their moves and girls desperately trying to stop their makeup from running.


With two designated photo-taking spaces here, there was plenty of time and space set aside for photo opps. One spot had a backdrop containing the Samo logo, and another had a classic gray background for those looking for a more typical, and almost retro, prom capture. Large groups, collections of friends, intimate dates and proud singles were all seen taking memorable photographs of an important night.


One senior that enjoyed prom, Audrey Hattori (’17), was pleasantly surprised by her experience.


“It was really fun. The food was really good. I’m not going to lie I thought it was going to be really boring when I first walked in,” Hattori said. “There was no music on and no one was talking or dancing, everyone was just standing around. But it got a lot better, and the music got a lot better too.”


Hattori also remarked how the location of the event was pleasing while also appropriate to the activities held.


“Overall the venue was really pretty. There were great opportunities for photos to capture and remember the night. Also, the rooms were very spacious so it wasn’t uncomfortable to dance because it didn’t get too hot,” Hattori said.


Another guest of the grand event was Reaph Whitebloom (’17), who thought that the whole experience was overall a lot of fun.


“The food was really good and it was a nice venue,” Whitebloom said. “It was fun to see everyone all dressed up and fancy because usually we see everyone in their casual clothes. It was a pleasing change to see everyone clean up.”


Yasmine Benlamine (’17) enjoyed her time at the dance and was excited to see her peers dressed up and all in unique and different attire.


“I definitely enjoyed prom! I had a really great time with my friends and danced a lot throughout the night. I wouldn’t change anything about it.” Benlamine said. “My favorite part about prom was seeing everyone looking their best that night. It was really interesting to see people you see everyday at school look so different.”


For many that attended the prom, it exceeded expectations.


“Although it was different than I expected, it was definitely exciting to prepare for because half of the anticipation is the pre-prom” Madison Seifer (’17) said. “Getting ready and taking pictures with all your closest friends makes the experience seem so much more real. It makes you realize that you’re actually graduating so soon, which is the sentimental aspect.”


Although the entire prom experience can be seen as cliché, many saw it as the perfect way to wrap up their high school experience and send them on their way.


“It’s nice to have everyone all dressed up and seeing all your classmates outside of school and having fun together. Everyone comes together just to have one last good time.”

Brighton Mills ( ’17) was the lucky guy to be crowned Prom King.


Mills explained the basic process of the voting system. “Upon arrival for prom, the seniors were given voting ballots. There were six boys and six girls, and we had one vote for each.” Mills said. “I was a little anxious because if I won it would have been great but if I didn’t, it’s not something for me to be mad about. [Hearing my name called] was surreal because I couldn’t believe it. I felt a lot more shock than anything.”


When asked about the lady named prom queen, Brighton expressed how it was to have that special first dance “It was pretty nice! Although the prom queen is dating one of my friends, we made a plan to dance with our dates after a few minutes.” Mills said. “That way, she could dance with her boyfriend while still being honored as prom queen!”


In relation to prom itself, Mills was pleased. “I was very happy with prom. I went to the 2016 and 2017 prom and I have to say that the 2017 prom was better. The vibe, music and overall sense of fun were all present [unlike before]. The only thing I’d change is the addition of more slow songs. A lot of people wanted to dance slowly with their date rather than have prom like a second homecoming dance.” Mills said. “I loved how my [high school] experience went out with a bang, and will lead into grad night and graduation. I’m looking forward to a new chapter in life [in college] and I’m glad that Samohi has shaped me to be the way I am now.”


Alexis Lopez (’17) was excited to share one of the last nights with people from her grade, and was honored to be named Prom Queen.

“I was so excited to be prom queen, it is definitely something I will remember for the rest of my life and will always cherish,” Lopez said.“I would describe the whole night as magical and special. We are in the homestretch to graduation so having the chance to spend some time with all the people in my class was so awesome.”


Alexis expressed how much she was going to miss everyone at Samo. “ I am going to miss so many people at this school. However I am so excited for this next journey in my life,” Lopez said.

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