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Samo teachers use motivational teaching techniques

Keeping students motivated has always been a challenge for teachers since there isn’t a general rule that can be applied to everyone. In order to meet the more modern needs of students today, most teachers at Samo have acclimated their teaching successfully to the new standards.

Tisha Reichle, an English teacher who has spent more than 20 years of her life on the teaching sector, empathizes with her students so that it’s easier for her to comprehend what they need and help them materialize their ideas.

“By knowing every single one of my students, I can find ways to connect them to the work we do in class and guide them towards the direction they want,” Reichle said. “Also, I want to make sure that my kids have the tools they need to get to the direction they want, so the way I guide them is meant to be helpful, not only in my class but everywhere else.”

However, maintaining the attention of such a large group of teenagers is challenging when the lesson being taught doesn’t appeal to the learner’s interests.

“I often have cases of students who show little interest to what I’m teaching, and when this happens, I investigate into how my teaching knowledge can be useful to every one of them and from this point, they start understanding how important it will be later on,” Reichle said.

Similarly, the history teacher Matthew Flanders who aside from dealing with teaching material is the coach of the water polo team, believes in using different techniques when it comes to challenging his students.

“Every child needs a different form of motivation, so it varies; but bottom line I like to challenge the kids as much as possible,” Flanders said.

A determining factor to consider in education right now is the incorporation of new technology that doesn’t seem to stop growing. With such a beneficial tool to our disposal, if used well, it is more comfortable for educators to maximize the interaction in class with students.

Meredith Louria, an English teacher with 26 years of experience at Samo, has gradually added technology to her class and ways of teaching in search of making lecturing a more pleasant experience for her students, as well as for herself.

“I particularly try to use technology in a way that gives more freedom to my students such as letting them read books with the phone or write with the computer while I’m lecturing,” Louria said. “If electronic devices are used in a wise way to make work less tedious and more enjoyable rather than as a distraction, I’m definitely with it.”

Japanese teacher Emily Kariya, is part of the Tech Jedis at Samo, which consists of a group of teachers around school who are in charge of any technology issue in their building.

“Technology makes lessons more engaging, it’s helpful because I make them play games so I can know based on their scores what areas need more attention,” Kariya said. “Also, just like many teachers do, I have my own website where my kids can check what has been taught in class in case they are sick or simply didn’t understand it well. In summary, having access to it makes my life easier.”

Everything that can be used to benefit students’ education is welcomed by teachers at Samo. We are in the midst of a more interactive and entertaining era that bends more towards technology usage and new teaching strategies that continues to advance. Being innovative and different is what really makes students not only remember the content they learn in their classes, but also appreciate the teachers and their help.

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