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Published on November 13th, 2017 | by Sky Garcia Boveda


Major Monday

Major Monday is a new event that is dedicated to exploring different types of majors and learning what it takes to go down that major’s path. These days are designed to help students, especially juniors and seniors, choose a future life plan and direct students who are not so sure about what they want to do in life. Major Monday’s are held one day out of the month during lunch.

Choosing a major can be hard, even worse when you don’t know what all the choices are to pick from or what kind of jobs fall under a major. According to the National Center of Education Statistics, over 80 percent of college students have changed their major at least once.

“Choosing a major can be daunting to some kids; they often don’t look past the typical doctor and lawyer jobs,” Samo librarian Dana Bart-Bell said.

So how can you know for sure if a major is right for you anyway? Coming to Major Monday, held during lunch at the library, will help direct and perhaps shed light on different majors you may have never thought of before.

Currently, Major Monday has not started. Bart-Bell is in the process of reaching out to volunteers in order to get a speaker list, preferably speakers who are out of college, but can also still be attending college. So far, the PTSA has created a database of all the alumni’s information, and Bart-Bell is currently working with what she has.

“Working with a program always takes awhile. We had our start day initially, but that was a bit too ambitious,” Bart-Bell said.

Bart-Bell’s plan at the moment is to hold Major Monday once a month. She hopes to eventually have it become a weekly meeting.

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