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Homecoming carnival

On October 25, an extended lunch was given for Samo students to enjoy the numerous activities at the Homecoming Carnival. That Wednesday, students were released after their third period for an hour long lunch. The day reached over 97℉, but the weather did not halt the success of this event for ASB leadership. Although the weather was hot, the students seemed to really appreciate every aspect that went into the planning of the Homecoming Carnival. The possibilities were endless for where the students participate: whether the students wanted to play the minigames, jump on the inflatables, or grab food from the food trucks.

Laurence Keungne (’20) a member of ASB gives an overview of the lengthy process that went into this event.

“The process was extremely long, we took about a month to plan and situate everything. We had to assign jobs for everyone, collect the supplies we were going to need, plan the variety of minigames present at the basketball courts and organize the inflatables that were able to be held on the track,” Keungne said.

Jasmine Karkafi (’19), another member of ASB, gives the description the different groups members were assembled in, and their specific tasks they were assigned.

“The activities committee organized the carnival, doing everything from ordering various inflatable attractions for the football field to coming up with the trick or treat tables,” Karkafi said. “While the rest of ASB helped set up the tents and games that came as well as making balloon poles and posters.”

Keungne gives her insight on how she thought the carnival went.

“It was a really good turn out, I believe many students enjoyed seeing the inflatables there. The food trucks were a huge success, despite the long line, students still waited for food,” Keungne said.

Although this year was the first time the Homecoming Carnival was held, the true dedication put into this event resulted a great success. Overall, this event clearly depicted the hard work ASB put forth into carnival.

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