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Published on January 26th, 2011 | by Staff 12-13


ASB takes new approach to school spirit

NEW VS. OLD: Power 106 was featured at the most recent lunch rally; however, the traditional Viking elements – such as Victor Viking, right – remained. (The Samohi/Henry Boyd)

Alice Kors
Staff Writer

Urged by administrators, ASB has decided to reinvent the pep rally, making them optional and hosting them at lunch.

After years of hiatus, ASB has brought back the lunch rally. Once a tradition at Samo, the lunch rallies were held on a weekly basis to foster school spirit.

“Traditionally, Samo had lunch pep rallies every Friday,” ASB President Azia Calderhead said. “Administration encouraged us to bring back the idea of consistent events, so we gave it a try.”

Because the demands of this lunch rally were not as great as that of a typical pep rally, no rehearsal was necessary.

“This was the first rally we’ve done in the Greek without a rehearsal,” Calderhead said. “The reason we didn’t have a rehearsal is because we wanted it to be less of a huge production, and more of ‘we’re coming together on Friday, on Blue and Gold Day, to celebrate Samo and it’s athletic teams.’”

ASB members seemed positive about the event, and believed it was a success. However, they also noted its flaws.

“I think the lunch rally went well, but because there were not that many people, it was missing something. It used to be that the Greek was filled,” junior ASB member Patrick King said. “Of the people that were there, they didn’t seem as enthusiastic, or peppy. We need to get people more excited about lunch rallies, but you can’t really force pep upon a school.”

In addition to the new time of the rally, ASB added incentives to get more people involved and excited.

“We wanted to bring more to the average pep rally, so we thought by adding audience participation it would raise Samo spirit,” senior ASB member Leliah Franklin said.

Members also said the prize giveaway was a huge success, raffling off a date with ASB Vice President Daniel Tejada, an original song written by senior Jason Pitts, a Godmother sandwich from Bay Cities and a Coffee Bean gift card.

According to Activities Director Veronica García-Hecht, the lunch rally had its highs and lows, but it was a step in the right direction.

“I thought it went great, with a really good turnout. I think pep rallies should be at lunch. People who want to go, go,” she said.

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