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Government in Shutdown

On Jan. 19, the United States Government shutdown. With this shutdown came many questions concerning immigration, and most importantly the collaboration between the two prominent parties in government.


Essentially, the government shut down because Congress couldn’t come to an agreement on legislation detailing the budget for the upcoming year. While there were many factors at play that brought about the shutdown, the main issue members of Congress couldn’t agree on was a funding plan for Dreamers, the undocumented individuals brought to the U.S. at an early age.


For many months now, immigration plans have been thrown around, but none have been put into action. The Democrats want an immigration plan that extends protections for Dreamers in America, while the Republicans are set on expanding border security by building a wall. Because the two parties couldn’t find a compromise, when it came to deciding on a funding plan for the year, no agreement was ever met. Thus began the government shutdown of 2018.


The shutdown lasted for three days, ending on Jan. 22, when Congress passed a short term spending bill that would last until Feb. 8. While this short term plan provided a temporary release from a difficult situation, the deadline is imminent.


If the Republicans and the Democrats weren’t able to come to an agreement concerning immigration before, when they had many months to negotiate and plan, then how do they expect to come to an agreement now? Do they think that all the sudden one side will give in to the other or that they will find a compromise?


For the sake of federal workers, government officials and all others who are severely impacted by the implications of a government shutdown, I hope that the Democrats and Republicans of Congress will be able to come to an agreement. However, the chance of this happening seems very unlikely, meaning another shutdown could be among us within days.


This entire government shutdown speaks volumes about our current administration. Throughout history, what has made our government special is the ability for two opposing sides to come together as one and find a solution that is best for everyone. Often, the compromises that are struck end up making our country even more successful than before.


It is disheartening how the political leaders of our country behaved in regards to the issues at hand. Instead of working together to find a solution that satisfies both parties, the Republicans and Democrats are constantly feuding and trying to prove that one is better than the other. This constant discord begs one to wonder whether the parties truly have the good of the people in mind.


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