Published on May 16th, 2017 | by Nathan Meadows


Boys lacrosse team gets backpacks stolen at Beverly

On May 28, after an intense game at Beverly Hills High School, the Samo boys lacrosse team returned to where they had dropped off their backpacks to find that many of their belongings, including full backpacks, gone.

According to defender Connor Bass (’18), a lot more than school materials were lost with their bags. Many personal possessions, such as phones and wallets, were lost.

“Pretty much all of my stuff was in there. I lost all my school things, some clothes. I know other people lost phones and expensive watches,” Bass said.

Originally the team had blamed members of Samo’s JV team, and dismissed the missing bags as a prank. But they quickly realized that members of the JV team also had their bags missing.

“We ended up calling the police. They asked a bunch of question: where we were, where we left them, what we left inside the bag… Nothing was found though, we just ended up staying at the field two hours longer,” Bass said.

Fortunately for some of the team, a few bags were discovered by the police in various places. However, not all of the bags were found, and not all the possessions that were originally inside the bag were returned. Multiple calculators, phones and other miscellaneous objects were found missing from the returned bags. The team stays hopeful that whoever is responsible will return the stolen items.  


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