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Girls basketball makes playoffs with new coach

Although they did not make it to the CIF finals, Samo’s girls basketball surpassed their scores last year thanks to their new coach, Douglas Kim, and the hard work of the players who established a strong bond after months of practicing. They ended their season with an overall record of 16-13 and lost in their final match against Oxford Academy 45-60.

“What was different this season from our previous year was our intensity level. We improved on making every practice very competitive,” co-captain Aylin Fernandez (’17) said.

Kim made many new changes that helped the girls overcome many of the problems that they faced last year. He showed them video footage that helped them familiarize themselves with their opponents and pushed them more on their ball handling, passing, and defensive and offensive execution.

Although they were not able to make it to the finals, the girls performed better than they did in previous years and are looking forward to next year.

“I think it’s just a matter of skill level,” Kim said. “Fundamentals are really important in the girls game. We have to be able to work and function under pressure. We’re doing a good job. We’re getting closer.”

After the seniors depart, there will only be six out of the 14 players that are currently on the varsity team but there are many promising players that may lead the girls basketball to a new level.

“[The seniors] do a lot behind the scenes. Successful teams are not just about good players. It’s the kids at practice that really push them to play, and [the seniors] work really hard to do that and they do every little thing for us to be successful,” Kim said.

Fernandez said that she will really miss the team after spending four years together and wishes them good luck on their next season.

“As a senior and captain of the team, I would like to say that I have really enjoyed all of my four years in basketball, but this season was definitely the highlight of it all. I couldn’t have asked for a better team and I’m truly blessed for how far we came this season. We not only became a team, we became a family. I love every single one of them and thank them for making my senior year memorable,” Fernandez said.

Before they depart for college, Kim hopes to share some advice for his seniors as they enter a whole different environment.

“Winning is great, but it’s about the journey. You have to enjoy the trip and enjoy being there. And don’t take for granted the practice and the preparation for what you do,” Kim said. “Luck is about being in the right spot at the right time and you need to take advantage of that.”

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