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Girls soccer demonstrates good sportsmanship

On Friday, Jan. 12, the girls varsity soccer team scored yet another tremendous victory for Samo. With a whopping score of 7-0, the team demonstrated their strength in the first league game against Hawthorne High School.

This particular game was shortened due to the lack of players Hawthorne had. Each half time was reduced by five minutes each. Jimmy Chapman, the head coach, provided the specifics.

“It was shorter than it was supposed to be. For some reason Hawthorne only had a varsity team with 10 players. And it wasn’t the toughest game, looking at the score,” Chapman said.

Team captain, Kate Zemke (’18), explained how the number of players can affect not only the difficulty of the game, but also the game’s intensity and excitement. Zemke highly praised her team with their ability to progress.  

“It didn’t turn out to be the most exciting match, but I’m proud of the team for continuing to work on our game. We kept the level of play up to it’s normal and expected levels, had some nice passes and (had) some beautiful goals. It was good to keep our momentum going as we continue into the more competitive part of our season,” Zemke said.

Another team captain, Lauren Auerbach (’18), had nothing but appreciation towards her team’s spirit and play.

“Our focus for the game was to play as a team and connect a lot of passes. Also, our defense did really well at collecting the ball and making plays to start a counter attack,” Auerbach said.

Even though this wasn’t the toughest game of the season, it was important for the team to continue to play their absolute best.

“The most important thing was that we continued to play our style and execute. We had to make sure this game did not hurt us, that we continued to play well (which) we did. I was happy with our results,” Chapman said.


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