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Girls soccer season ends with hopes for future

The Samo girls soccer team’s playoff season ended on Feb. 21 after losing in overtime to Oak Hills High School with a score of 3-2. The girls had a remarkable season with an overall record of 19-3-4 and 10-0 in league. The team never lost a home game, and went on a twelve game winning streak before their devastating loss on Tuesday.

“As far as our season, there’s a lot to be proud of,” coach Jimmy Chapman said. “This is the first time in many years since I’ve taken over the girl’s program that we have had a 19 win season. It’s also been the first time since 2008 that we did not have any ties or losses in league play. So since 2004, we have won 13 league titles with only one year we did not get it.”

In regards to the game against Oak Hill, the team was disheartened by the outcome.

“[The last playoff game] was disappointing, that’s the easiest way to say it,” Chapman said. “I don’t think you ever go into a game planning on losing, especially this early. I think the second round did not accurately reflect the season we had, but soccer could be a cruel game at times.”

The wind in Tuesday’s game against Oak Hill played a pivotal role throughout the game. According to goalkeeper Madeline Kresin (’17), Samo began the game with the wind in their favor, but it didn’t stop the other team from tying the game.

“We scored what we thought was the winning goal with ten minutes left, but they got a lucky break and scored with only a couple minutes left,” Kresin said. “After we dominated the first period of overtime, they got another lucky goal and won the game.”

Although the girl’s season ended sooner than anticipated, they are all grateful for each other and the growth they have had since the start of the season. Alyssa Tohyama (’18) believes that the team’s companionship and compassion towards one another contributed to their success this season.

“Everyone on the team is really close, and I think that it’s crucial in soccer or any team sport to want to work hard not only for yourself, but for your teammates as well,” Tohyama said. “Although skill and strategy are important, it really comes down to which wants it more.

Since the start of the season, the girls have flourished and grown to be less dependent on one or two people. The team has also acclimated and adapted to each other’s play styles and tendencies.

“We play much better as a team and do not rely on any one player. It helps, of course, to have people capable of changing games on their own, but not depending on one or two people makes us much harder to beat,” Kresin said. “We also work better as a unit than in the beginning because we know each person’s style of play and tendencies on the field.”

In regards to next year, the program is expected to lose a few of the current players due to a new club system forming outside of school.

“As far as next year, we will have to wait and see in terms of returners. The girl’s club system is going to academy. They are starting up an academy which is kind of to model the boys,” Chapman said.

The “academy” is a developmental academy for teens to be assessed to see whether or not they qualify for the Youth U.S. National Team. U.S Soccer is working closely with local clubs,  conducting training sessions for youth soccer players around the U.S. Girl’s joining this program are expected to practice four times a week and are prohibited to play on their high school team.   

“We lose 12 seniors [and] we may lose several more to academy, which will obviously be impactful,” Chapman said. “I think it will change the landscape for high school soccer and years to come, but we will have to wait to see.”

If the academy takes in more of Samo’s players, the underclassmen are expected to rise to the occasion and accept the responsibility that has been handed down to them. Over the next coming months, the team will be working hard to rebuild and strengthen their unity and skills.

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