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Girls water polo defeated by Redondo Beach

On Wednesday, Oct. 26, parents and students gathered to watch Samo’s girl’s varsity water polo game against Redondo Beach High School. After a gripping game, Samo faced defeat with an ending score of 10-11, a significantly closer score than their last defeat against the same team.

The game started out pretty close, with the first quarter ending at a score of 3-4. This was in part due to their strong defense and the many steals attempted by Samo’s team.

Goalie Emma Ware (’18), aided in the defense by saving a total of four attempted shots in the first quarter.

“In the moment the only thing on my mind was ‘don’t let them make a shot’,” Ware said.

As the second quarter came to a close, Samo was consistently unable to take full control of the pool. Despite their best efforts, Redondo succeeded in taking a two point lead.

Throughout the third quarter, they were able to maintain the score by once again loading up their defense. With that, they enabled Redondo to only score one point, while they scored two, making the score 9-4.

As the fourth quarter came along, a sense of resilience was seen in the pool. Unfortunately, their efforts were not enough as they eventually lost by one point.

“It may have not been an outright victory, but I still think the score was narrow enough to set the season at a good pace,” coach Matthew Flanders said.

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