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Published on April 8th, 2011 | by Staff 12-13


Samo softball bounces back after rough start

Adrianna Dinolfo
Staff Writer

Last year’s CIF-winning softball team set the bar high for this year’s team. Although this year’s team consists of hardworking girls dedicated to improving their game, their opponents have been working diligently as well: Samo’s team currently holds a 3-8 record.

“Our season started a little slow and not how we all would have liked, but with minor changes we should be okay,” coach Marybell Moreno said. A rough start is always hard to overcome, but with efforts to unite as a team, Moreno believes their record will improve greatly.

Alongside Moreno, the team members agree that their greatest problem is not their lack of talent or individual skill. They are confident that if they can become a cohesive unit, they will win frequently.

“Our main goal is simply to play with the best of our abilities and play with heart every time we step on the field,” sophomore Jamie Hom said. “I can’t say that our goal is to try and win all our games, because of course, it isn’t about winning. Rather, we just have to give it our all.”

Although improving fundamentals is always ideal, the team does not intend to spend the majority of its practice time doing so. There are no apparent rivals or upcoming challenges in their way, except for themselves.

“We are our biggest competition. Once we get it togethe,r we will be able to compete with any other team, no matter how good they are,” Moreno said.

New methods of improving will be implemented during practice that will focus on how to operate as a team.

“Although we have not been doing as well as we would like to, we are definitely improving; after all, we won our last game to make our record 3-8,” co-captain senior Meghan Bradley said.

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