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Softball knocks Lawndale out of the park

On Thurs. April 27, the Samo softball team beat Lawndale High School with a score of 19-3. This was the second game of the season against Lawndale, with the first being won at their school with a score of 24-0.

The game started slow, with Samo scoring three runs in the first and second innings but still making mistakes. Samo started to pick up momentum in the third inning with another three runs, but really came back to annihilate Lawndale in the bottom of the fourth, scoring thirteen runs in one inning, and mercying them. Bebe Alvarado (’17) thought that the team was out of it at first, and just needed to focus.

“I think it’s just because we realized that we weren’t in our groove that we usually are in, and we needed to pick ourselves up,” Alvarado said. “If we didn’t than we could lose to a potential team that we always mercy.”

Compared to some of the other teams this season, Lawndale wasn’t a big challenge for Samo. Even so, assistant coach Leigh Campbell is careful not to let the team get overconfident and slack off.

“When we play a team and we win, sometimes we have a habit of going into that game assuming that we’re going to win,” Campbell said. “We have to mentally be stronger to know that’s it’s never going to be handed to us. We have to take wins, not just play for the win.”  

Alvarado also understands this importance.

“This game, I kind of already come into the mentality that we gotta win, but what I do is that we have to win, but we have to beat them hard,” Alvarado said. “With teams like this, even though they’re not fully developed as a league, we still need to bring our a game to each game.”

The team is going to try to keep up the playing in the second half of the game to lock in a spot in CIF. Their next game is on Tuesday, May 2 at Hawthorne, and their next home game is against Culver City on Monday, May 8.


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