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Track and field ends season after hurdling through CIFs

This year the track and field team has excelled through their season and made it all the way to CIF. While many of the athletes went into CIF, only the fastest few were able to reach their race finals.

Among those reaching CIF, Mckenna Pringle (’19) is one of the long distance runners representing Samo.

“Being able to work out and compete and win medals is fun, but being able to do it with your friends and being able to become friends with different people makes it even better,” Pringle said.

Coach Paul Lupi’s goal to go to the League preliminaries this year made the team feel very accomplished. Lupi’s plan for the team was to spend the first month getting in shape and conditioning at their practices.

They practiced every weekday by running, jumping and building their stamina and endurance. The runners are expected to practice on their own when they are away in order to not regress on their progress.

Nick Faries (’19) is a sprinter for the Samo track team. Usually competing in the 100 or 200 meter races, he has built up a high stamina and lung capacity to be able to run as fast as possible in the set distance.

“Being able to build upon what I have already achieved this season, and only being able to go faster than my current PR really excites me for next year,” Paul Miller (’19) said.

Parker Lauer (’19) is a long distance runner for the track team who feels hopeful for next season.

“I really just can’t wait to [beat my] PR again. There’s no feeling compared to it,” Lauer said.

The overall consensus on the track team and any other sports team is that having a personal record and breaking that record is the best feeling which makes all the hard work pay off. This past season has been one filled with hard work, and new PR’s for Samo’s track and field family.

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