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Published on March 30th, 2017 | by Marcelo Torres


Track and Field races through their nerves against Hawthorne

On Thurs. March 23, the Track and Field team had their second home race against Hawthorne High School. The Track and Field team performed through their nerves and put up a fight against the Hawthorne team.

Head coach Tania Fischer believes that the team will be able to keep growing on their accomplishments made this far in their racing this season.

Mckenna Pringle (’19) is a distance runner for the Samo track team. The distance races can range from four to 16 laps around the track, and require the runner to pace themselves and be able to sprint the last 100 meters of the race.

“They don’t have a lot of distance runners so it made those races a lot easier to win,” Pringle said. “Pacing myself is the biggest thing I have to worry about when running, not going out too hard and then burning out, but being able to keep the same pace till the very end.”

Paul Miller (’19) ran the 4×100 relay and the 200. These races are less than 30 seconds and include the team’s fastest runners.

“I just have to race very hard, leave it all on the track and not let my nerves and the competition get to me,” Miller said.

Aidan Blaine (’20) calls the track team his “family” and always looks forward to racing with them.

“I wouldn’t want to win meets with anyone else, this team is like a family to me,” Blaine said.

Like Miller, we can see how the whole Track and Field family leaves it all on the track every race they have. This has been an excellent season for the Track and Field team so far. They race again on Sat, April 1, at the South Bay Invite in Torrance.

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