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Undefeated in league, boys volleyball meets their match in quarterfinals of CIF

Flying through the season with many home game wins and very few losses, boys volleyball went into CIF with high hopes, but ended their season in the quarter-finals. The boys ended their season with an overall record of 21-5-0 and a league records of 10-0-0.

“[There is] no doubt in my mind [that all] my teammates believed we could have won, but we made too many mistakes and [the other team]capitalized on them,” Skylar Sam (’17) said.

According to Alexander Wessel (’17), while they may have had some disagreements, the team placed a great importance on volleyball. This ultimately led them to win Ocean League and enter CIFs.

“One highlight was at the end of the season,” Wessel said. “I had to switch positions because one of our players were injured, [and] I stepped into the position and help our [my] team through the first couple rounds of CIFs.”

Wessel advises future varsity players to play beach volleyball during off season and to get along with teammates.

While they may have been beaten out of CIFs, boys volleyball never backed away from the match and fought hard.

“Individually there are always going to be plays that you wish you could go back and fix. Those mistakes will stay in your mind for days,” Sam said “But just like in life, you have to put the past behind you and move on with a positive mindset.”

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