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Water polo victory over Torrance

On Tuesday, Jan. 9, parents and students gathered to watch Samo’s girls varsity water polo game against Torrance High School. After a gripping game, Samo won with an overall score of 18-1, a significant win over their opposition.

The game started out with Samo in the lead, ending the first quarter with a score of 5-0, thanks to their strong defense and diligent offense.

Offensive player Cameron Keith (’20) aided in the defense by saving a total of two attempted shots in the first quarter.

As the second quarter began, Samo was consistently able to take offensive control of the pool. Despite their defensive efforts, Torrance eventually scored, trailing behind nine points.

“We were able to play very effective press defense and limit their opportunities,” coach Matthew Flanders said.

Throughout the third quarter, they were able to maintain the score by loading up their defense. By the end of the quarter, they had scored three more points. Arielle Melamed (’18) aided in this by scoring a total of two points, bringing the score to 14-1.

As the fourth quarter came along, Samo’s defense got significantly better. Sara Amirdelfan (’19) scored the last points, securing a Samo win of 18-1.

“Hard presses and drops are crucial for a strong defense,” Keith said. “Overall awareness and communication really made the team come together.”

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